How to make Money with your Website

Generally, the average person wants to develop a website, when they realize the marketing opportunities that they are missing out on in their line of business. 

A problem may be that popularity of the website may get many more viewers and bring in more business than you are able to cope with. You may be dominating the search engines when it comes to your niche. This can result in negative publicity when most people that contact you requiring your services realize that you are unable to assist them. This is also negative for search engines, since people are not getting what they searching for. 

It may be time to help your competitors. You may put links on your site linking to the best alternative options that they have in your area for your product or service. This helps people to value your site as a resource of quality information and you may maintain your good rankings.

Make money with
The other advantage to having high rankings is you can use this for extra income, you could do an affiliate marketing program for related products or you could use Google adsense.

Google adsense has a very good success rate as they are experts in automatically placing ads relative to your content on your site. All you have to do is sign up for an Adsense account and then insert the adsense code onto your page for the desired ad size etc. If you would like to avoid certain opposition advertising on your site you are also able to do so, as well as block ad types, pornography, viagra or whatever things you feel may detract from your site's credibility. For every time someone clicks on an advert you will be paid a few cents to a few rand, depending on the value of the advertisement placed. If your niche product or service is highly sort after, and you are getting plenty of hits on your website, it may prove to be quite profitable.

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